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Face AR

Bring in the most advanced

& Real - time Face AR Technology


Our main product offerings provide the ability to perform live beauty try-on simulations, by tracking your face and facial features in precise detail. Please contact us for getting access to our product SDKs.

Beauty AR SDK

Real-time Video & Photo SDK for Makeup, Hair, & Skin Simulation

Augmented Reality SDK features scientifically validated skin assessment and simulation, photo-realistic makeup simulation with dynamic lighting adaption, and photo-realistic hair color and style simulation. Trusted by over 72 of the top global beauty brands, our SDK is the most widely used AR technology in the beauty industry.

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Real-time Facial Analysis & Feature Tracking for Videos & Photos

Highly accurate 3D facial micro-feature tracking tracks movements and expressions through 68 non-identifying parameters including lip and eye edges, iris size and location, head pose, as well as skin features including spots, texture, and wrinkles.

Based originally on research at Google, our Face AI SDK is one of the most precise real-time facial micro-features video tracking and analysis technologies in the world.


Live Try on

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Hair Analysis & Color Try on

Real-time Hair Analysis & Coloring

We Provide Real-time Hair Analysis & Coloring Features, where the Artificial Intelligence will Analyse your Hair strength,nourishment, minerals required etc. Apart from this we also provide Live Hair coloring feature, where you can Try unlimited Shades for your Hair to visualize which Color suits best on you!

 Available for Android, Web & iOS.


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Background Segmentation

Realtime background removall

Now change your background into a blurry image, funny or any beautiful or peaceful background image or even with any video content playing at backgroung with our Background Segmentation Technology.

Now add privacy to your videos or meetings.

Add it easily to your application with our API & SDK.

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Stickers & Filters

Add any customized filters or stickers to your app

Easily add any type of customized or pre-built Filters & Stickers into your Live Video or photos while making any type of videos similar to tiktok, mx takatak or snapchat.

Add any filters or stickers into your application & let your users play with these effects.

Upgrade your applications now with our technology & follow the latest trends.

Technical Wedding

A unique digital, holographic way to invite guests on your marriage ceremony


Now Let the Couples Invite their guests on their marriage with a unique holographic way on their traditional wedding invitation cards.

Provide them the exact location, date and videos digitally on the wedding card itself.

Available for Android, Web and iOS


AR Invitation Card

Real-time  effects , audio & visuals on top of the card in holographic form

Invite by Standing on Top of the Invitation card like a Holographic view & make your wedding remarkable


A Never seen before Wedding Invitation Card, where You can stand on Top of your card in a Holographic view, combined with Audio Visual Effects.

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AR Album

Want to add life to your still pictures "like harry potter's newspaper"

Relive your memories on your wish with our AR Album SDK


Have you ever wondered how the still images of Harry potter gets converted to moving videos. It was just a science fiction at that time. But with our technology of Augmented Reality it is possible Now. Don't get bored by watching still images of your valuable moments. Convert them into reality & feel the real joy of your auspicious occasions.

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E-commerce AR

Integrate Our AR Place SDK to your business & see a J - Curve on your sales.


With our AR Place SDK, you can augmented all your products on top of the real physical environments.

Thus feel the future, how a particular product looks at your real space, even before buying it.




AR Place

Place anything at your room, table or floor before your buy with our AR Place

SDK features an Interaction with your products by placing it (such as furnitures, chandelier, TVs, etc.,) in the real world even before buying it.


 Add AR Place SDK to your business & let your user place & visualise your E-commerce products by bringing it to their rooms

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Virtual Jewellery

Let your customers Try unlimited Jewellery, sets, styles by the comfort of their home with our Virtual Try on SDK

Virtual jewellery Try on, is a feature that has the capacity to boost your sales. The SDK is built on highly accurate tracking algorithm which tracks each landmarks and the AR algorithm augments the desired model.


 Thus giving a realism of actual Jewellery.




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Virtual Mask

Now Try Before you Buy with our Virtual Try on SDK

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Go with the flow.


 Due to the pandemic of covid 19, masks are on high demand. With demand comes business & customer satisfaction. so we created a Virtual Mask Try-on SDK where the AI Analyzes the face shape & then augments the best mask size

AR Marketing

Step into latest marketing trends with AR Marketing & grow your sales

AR Marketing is one of the latest marketing trends. Just launch your valuable products with our  AR Technology & users can see exciting contents when scans your products via their phone/PC camera.

Let your users indulge in your products deeply & grow your sales.

Building Future Businesses

Just be the Iron Man. But how ?


We are here to help you!

With our Holo SDK, we create fully fledged Solutions for Hololens.


Add Mixed Reality to your business & beat your competitors.



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Nails & Gestures AI

The era has arrived, when our fingers won't touch physcial screens for input.


Just do a gesture & yes, the AI will do everything for you. AI Hand & fingers recognition SDK. Use cases involve Virtual Nail polish Try on.




Nail polish Try on

Try unlimited shades, patterns or designs on your nails

With our Nail polish Try on Technology we can help businesses adapt the current market needs thus helping in growing your sales. Try unlimited nail polish shades, patterns or any designs on the nails to decide with shade suits best.

Add our technology to your application & let your users Try your product before they Buy.

Fingers Tracking

Let your customers Try unlimited Gestures or commands via hand gestures.

Fingers & Hand Tracking Technology can be used to make products touch free.


Now include various gesture recognition to any of your products via our highly robust & efficient tracking technology with a super easy integration into any of you platforms.

Live Try on

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Watch Try on

Realtime watch, bangles or wrist bands Try on

 Visualize any types of watches, bands or wrist worn items even before buying.

With out Try on technology your users can easily try your products on their wrist thus helping you grow you sales & meeting the demand of the latest on going Try on Trends. Add Now!

Super Easy SDK Integration

  • Easy Integration with all platforms
  • Flawless integration
  • Auto version updation
  • Just import our SDK & start using it
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Smooth & fast sync up with all configurations

Awards & Achievements

  • 1st Winner National AI Coding Hacks - 2021 GL
  • No. 1 Innovative Idea Award - 2020 Insurity
  • Business Certificate Award - 2020 Sandeep Maheshwari
  • Business Recognition Certificate - 2020 Indian Government
  • Out of the Box Idea Award - 2019 Nasscom
  • Recognised & Certified under Indian Government

Our on Going Research

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is technology via which direct brain waves or thoughts can be converted into digital or physical actions or commands. That day is not too far when we will reply to our Whatsapp messages or Emails not by typing, infact just by thinking.

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Brain Computer Interface - BCI

In this digital era, we don't want to stand on queue, So we are bringing a solution of In store Real-time Clothes Try on,(Virtual Clothes Try On) where one can try unlimited clothes within seconds. The Smart mirror in market uses several costly sensors & devices, but we are building an extremely low cost solution which can even run on a normal phone with much higher & accurate execution.

In Store Clothes Try on

Smart Mirror

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