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Real-time Facial Tracking

A lot of the products that we see in our daily life includes face filters, facial detection, facial tracking, face swap , virtual try ons and many more. At the core of these stuffs lies a tracking system that must be robust and efficient in tracking each and every landmark of a human face. We provide a technology where Real-time facial tracking is so efficient and robust that you won't even feel that thousands of algorithms are running at the back end. It like a butter flowing on top of your digital device.

Instant Landmarks Detection

Here via "Landmarks" we refer to facial landmarks as well as physical plane. Major part of our Technology relies on the instant detection of the  landmarks. The first procedure is detection and then comes the various Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning or Augmented Reality algorithms which layers on top of that. We use a specialized algorithm which has the capacity to detect within fractions. As this plays a vital role in the major applications, we are very specific about this.

Super Easy SDK Integration

Here at Artifutech we provide exclusive Artifutech SDK built in such a compressed and crisp form that would be compatible with most of the configurations. Integrating our SDK is very easy. You just need to import our SDK with few lines of codes as shown below.


Give us a Try and you will love the way our SDK gets integrated into your application.


One in all SDK

We have several AI products that include Beauty Sector, Wedding Sector & E-commerce sector. We have one in all SDK, which simply means all the products & features that you want to include in your application, requires just one line of code to import, and you are all set. Our SDK is so compressed and crisp that even a common man can import that with just a 2 minutes of training. Import all your needs in just one line of code.

Realistic 3D Creation

Our Technologies are so refined and realistic that you will fall in Love with it. This realism arises due to the efforts of our highly qualified 3D modelers. The 3D Modelers of Artifutech is so much skilled that its hard for us to differentiate between real & virtual models. The technology has its value only if, human eyes and brain find it hard to distinguish between real and virtual thing and that's our motto. So we follow a very specialized protocol for real 3D creation. Thus enhancing the realism of the product that we provide.

Unique & New Techniques

At Artifutech, as per our tag line we build Artificial Future Technology. Our Technology has two major components, "Uniqueness & Techniques". We find the ways which makes us Unique and our techniques helps us to achieve that. We have unique products which makes us different from other companies. Our aim is to help people add new technologies to their daily lives and so do we find new ways to achieve that.


Artifutech, is not bound with only products & services. Our one of the main segment is our vigorous research and development department. we have dedicated research team which helps to "push the human race forward" (as stated by Steve Jobs). Currently we are involved in major research segments such as Brain computer Interface or BCI and in the path of developing & integrating this mind blowing technology to the lives of a common man. Please refer to our research page to read about this.


 Our team is bound to create such a product that can be a part of a common life and that is possible only if the technology becomes so cheap that it can't hamper any pocket.


 So one of our major research is on making a Smart mirror with the cheapest possible budget, without the use of expensive in depth devices like Microsoft kinnect ,etc. Here one can check unlimited clothes, styles, designs like a real mirror with just the use of hardwares such as a simple mobile phone. This is really awesome technology that our research team is working on.


Why Artifutech

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Uniqueness is what makes your application different, we pay detailed attention to your each and every unique feature requirements thus ensuring full client satisfaction


We believe R&D is the only way to be ahead in what we do. So we have a team dedicated exclusively for R&D, enabling us to keep on updating our features

Research & development

We render our services in one exclusive SDK for all, which means all the customized features gets imported with just a line of code.

Thus saving your integration time

One in all SDK

We are here to help 24*7, we won't leave you after delivery, thus providing a free maintenance support whenever required

Free Maintenance Support

Our SDKs can be very easily integrated to your application. With just few lines of code, you can pull all the features & can  integrate it into your application

Super Easy integration

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