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Real-time Hair Analysis & Coloring

How it Works

Camera Starts

AI Detects Hair

Hair Analyzed or Colored


Hair Color Try on

  • Try unlimited Hair color
  • Real-time Virtual Try on

Hair Style Try on

  • Different styles Try on
  • customized virtual Hair style Try on

Hair Analysis

  • Hair analysis
  • Thickness, minerals & hair supplements analysis

Partial Hair Color

  • Virtual Hair color try on with partial hair
  • Combine various Gradients for your best hair color

Hair Analysis & Coloring

We Provide Real-time Hair Analysis & Coloring Features, where the Artificial Intelligence analyzes your Hair strength, nourishment, minerals required etc. Apart from this we also provide Live Hair coloring feature, where you can Try unlimited Shades for your Hair to visualize which Color suits best on you!


Hair SDK Use case

Hair Analysis

Analyze all types of hair defects, nutrients required, shining, damage analysis etc with our Hair AI feature .

Hair Color Try on

Try unlimited hair color with Virtual hair color try on feature. Its real-time. Now Try before you dye you hair.


Beauty is one of the most widely used use case of the Hair Color SDK. One can see multiple hair styles & color to select which one suits best on a particular makeup style

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Hair color SDK Try on

Try unlimited Hair shades

Analysis of damaged hair

Hair Styling, which suits best to you

Partial hair coloring




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