AR Invitation Card

Invite by Standing on Top of the Invitation card like a Holographic view & make your wedding remarkable

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Create a Remarkable Memory!

A Never seen before Wedding Invitation Card, where You can stand on Top of your card in a Holographic view, combined with Audio Visual Effects.

Stand on Top of your invitation card in 3D form

The Couple will pop out of the Invitation card in a Magical Manner.

Combined with Background voice, musical beats & Love songs

3D Real crackers or flower glittering effects, creating a unique appearance.

Parents can stand on Top of the card to Invite the Honourable Guests.

Leave a Forever memory in the mind of your guests

Features we offer

  • Holographic Couple dance on the invitation card
  • Couple Invite by standing on top of the card


Couple Dance

  • Parents inviting by standing on top of the card
  • Decorative animation invite on the top


Couple Invite

  • Google map wedding venue on top of the card
  • Real-time location view in holographic form


Google Maps

  • Virtual Hair color try on with partial hair
  • Combine various Gradients for your best hair color


Count Down

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Live location, distance, time view on top of the card


Location Tracking

  • Decorative & attractive crackers on top of the card
  •  Attractive holographic crackers on the top


Crackers & Decoration

Why This is Awesome

Unique & Never Seen Before Technology

Impressive & New in the market

It happens once in Life, So Make it Special

AR Use Case

Wedding Invitation

Add our AR Technology to your auspicious moment & leave a mark in the minds of your guests. Invite by standing on top of your Invitation card

Birthday & Occasional Cards

Want to gift any card to your loved ones? How about adding the latest AR technology to it. Make your gifts extraordinary


Attract your customers with our new & unique AR Technology. Add 3D models, animations, Audio-visuals on top of your ads & make them alive

Why Artifutech

24*7 customer support

We deliver services to our customers all throughout the day

Please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you 24*7 !

Uniqueness is what makes your application different, we pay detailed attention to your each and every unique feature requirements thus ensuring full client satisfaction


We believe R&D is the only way to be ahead in what we do. So we have a team dedicated exclusively for R&D, enabling us to keep on updating our features

Research & development

We render our services in one exclusive SDK for all, which means all the customized features gets imported with just a line of code.

Thus saving your integration time

One in all SDK

We are here to help 24*7, we won't leave you after delivery, thus providing a free maintenance support whenever required

Free Maintenance Support

Our SDKs can be very easily integrated to your application. With just few lines of code, you can pull all the features & can  integrate it into your application

Super Easy integration

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