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AR Place SDK

Realistic view of your unrealistic objects.

Experience the E-commerce Reality

Bring products to Home, before Buying

Let your customer feel your product by bringing it to their home, even before buying

How it Works

Camera Starts

 Scan your environment

Tap & place the object in your environment

AR Place

SDK features an interaction way to visualize your products by placing it (such as furnitures, chandelier, TVs, etc.,) in the real world even before buying it. Add AR Place SDK to your business & let your user place & visualize your E-commerce products by bringing it to their rooms

Realistic approach

Our technology plays a vital role in bringing life to any digital content you see. we use highly accurate algorithm that can give you a sense of realism, even when you virtually bring the E-commerce items to your room. Thus enabling consumers to have a closer look & feel

Your Business our Technology

Place Your Products at Your Room, table or ceiling

Highly Realistic 3D Models

Depth Sensing Technology for Realistic View

Features we offer

  • Place products virtually to room
  • Scan any plane surface and place the item


Room Floor

  • Place the products on any table top
  • Scan for surface and place the items


Table Top

  • See how the chandelier will look at your room
  • Select the best ceiling lamp or fans



  • Place TVs, mirrors or frames vertically
  • Try before your buy what suits best to your room


Vertical Wall

Use Case


Place AR SDK enables the customers to see your E-commerce products by placing them virtually in their room


Letting your users visualize the products by placing them virtually on their floor, table or ceiling even before buying, can capture a huge market share

Digital Stores

Looking the products image or video doesn't give the real feel. A sense of urgency is created when your items can be placed virtually and felt by the consumers at their own place

Basic Demo

Super Easy SDK Integration

  • Easy Integration with all platforms
  • Flawless integration
  • Auto version updation
  • Just import our SDK & start using it
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Smooth & fast sync up with all configurations

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