Real-time Facial Landmarks Tracking & Skin Analysis

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Detects & Tracks Each Facial Points

Add our Face AI SDK to your business & let your consumers experience the reality!

Face AI SDK tracks & captures each facial points

Apply Face AI SDK & detect facial features

We use 468 facial landmark, which gives highly accurate result

Analyze skin, texture, dark circles in seconds

Features we offer

  • Wrinkles can be easily detected
  • Full facial wrinkle detection with highly precise accuracy

Wrinkles Detection

  • Dark Circles Detection
  • Dark Circles Analysis

Dark Circles Detection

  • Skin Texture Detection
  • Skin Disease Detection
  • Automatic detection of Skin Area to Focus

Skin Texture Detection

  • Facial Detection & Recognition
  • Applied use case on top of Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

  • Detection of Facial shape
  • Analysis of Face shape

Face Shaoe Detection

  • Analysis of every features of a face
  • Product Recommendation

Facial Analysis

Your Business our Technology

Ultra Fast Facial Landmarks Detection

Added Use Cases on Top of our AI Face SDK

Highly Accurate Movement Tracking, 468 Facial Points

Face AI Use Case

Beauty Product Recommendation

Face AI SDK can be used for all types of facial analysis & product recommendation.

Facial Recognition

Use our Face AI SDK to detect & recognize the facial characteristics & use it on top of various use cases as per your business needs.

Facial Analysis

Analyze each & every point of the face for wrinkles, texture, skin disease, etc., with our 468 facial points detection technology.

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Trust us & you will fall in love with our Services & Products.

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