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Virtual Mask Try-on

Fit the Best mask size to your face with our AI-AR Virtual Mask SDK

Virtual Mask Try on

Deal with the current pandemic, add covid 19 mask try on SDK to your business

Added AI first measures your face shape

As per the face size, try unlimited mask

Change mask style

Choose which ever mask suits to your face

Face Shape


Our face shape analysis algorithm detects the face & analyzes each and every facial landmarks to find out the size of the mask that will suit best on the respective face. The algorithm is so much trained that provides a robust and highly accurate measurements based on our unique  protocol that we follow.

Accurate Augmentation

After the face measurement by our dedicated Artificial Intelligence algorithm, Augmented Reality augments the respective mask on top of the face. Our accurate facial landmarks tracking algorithm tracks each and every facial points, to produce the best & realistic result.

Virtual Mask Try on Technology

Let your customers Try unlimited Masks & visualize which suits them the best.

Due to the pandemic of covid 19, masks are on high demand. With demand comes business & customer satisfaction. so we created a Virtual Mask Try-on SDK where the AI Analyzes the face shape & then augments the best mask size

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