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Clothes Try On

Try clothes before you buy.

Experience the E-commerce Reality

Try Clothes Virtually Before Buying

Let your customer feel comfortable and try unlimited clothes before finalizing which is the best for them

How it Works

Camera Starts

User full body is scanned

Best fitted virtual clothes is augmented on their body

Online SDK

Bring this feature of try before you buy to your clothes business. Just integrate our SDK into your online platforms/application and let your users select the Best which suits them. Helping you to reduce the return by providing your users a virtual view of how a prticular clothes will look on them.

Offline Stores

Our technology is compatible as a smart mirror with full hardware and software as a package to place this in your offline stores for users to Try Clothes directly via this smart mirror by avoiding long queues and irritability of changing the clothes again and again in order to find a best choice.

Your Business our Technology

Reduce the return rate of your garments

Improve buying confidence for user and save their Time

Let your user explore new styles

Features we offer

  • Lets the user try unlimited virtual clothes in a single go
  • Saves Time and builds buying confidence


Virtual Try On

  • Try different accessories such as Jewellery, Makeup etc.
  • Select which accessories is the best match


Accessories Try On

Use Case


Add our SDK to your E-commerce platforms and let your users try clothes virtually from the comfort of their room


Add our Smart Mirror Hardware and Software as a package to your offline store and let your users start trying clothes virtually and save time, return and build loyality.

Digital Stores

Looking the products image or video doesn't give the real feel. A sense of urgency is created when your items can be placed virtually tested on their own body by the consumers at their own place of comfort

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Super Easy SDK Integration

  • Easy Integration with all platforms
  • Flawless integration
  • Auto version updation
  • Just import our SDK & start using it
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Smooth & fast sync up with all configurations

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